EXO Biography

EXO is the latest brainchild of prominent talent management company, SM Entertainment (helmed by Lee Soo Man and based in Seoul, Korea). The group of 12 boys is divided into EXO-K and EXO-M, with the former having 7 members and the latter having 5 members. The suffix K stands for Korean while M stands for Mandarin. It is believed that the groups would focus on activities separately in Korea and China. The name EXO was taken from the  term “exoplanet” which refers to a planet found outside the solar system.  With this vision in mind, there is no doubt that the group’s good looks and talent would be extraordinary and out of this world.

(listed in order of news release)

KAI  (Real Name: Kim Jong In 김종인)
1994.01.04  // 182cm

LU HAN (Real Name: Lu Han 鹿晗)
1990.04.20 // 178cm

TAO (Real Name: Huang Zi Tao 黄子韬)
1993.05.02 // 183cm



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